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Commercial Property Coverage Guide, 6th Edition

About The Book

This newest edition of the Commercial Property Coverage Guide includes expert coverage analyses of ISO and AAIS commercial property forms.

This unique resource also addresses MSO commercial property programs, as well as certain provisions commonly offered by individual insurance carriers.

Moreover, in addition to analyzing coverage language, the author explores other commercial property issues, including:
» Chinese drywall
» Green Building concepts
» Marijuana manufacturing and distribution
» Income disruption insurance

The newly revised and fully updated Commercial Property Coverage Guide, 6th Edition provides up-to-date insights on these vital topics:
» The Insuring Agreement: Covered and Not Covered Property
» Additional Coverages, Coverage Extensions, and Optional Coverages
» Covered Causes of Loss: Named Perils Forms
» Special Causes of Loss Form
» Conditions
» Builders Risk
» Business Income Coverage Forms
» Other Coverage Forms
» Commercial Property Endorsements

Plus You receive expert analysis of…
» The Commercial Properties Program of ISO, AAIS, and MSO
» E-Issues under the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form
» Miscellaneous Commercial Property Coverage Issues

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