Bachelor degree in 3D animation

Are you interested in learning about animation, 3D, or visual effects for film and TV? With a Bachelor degree in 3D animation, you will gain insight both in the technical and artistic aspects of the industry. Through traditional art and compositional theory, you learn how to proceed with modern digital tools.

What makes bachelors degree in animation online unique? At animation institute you have the option to specialize within different fields or specializations: CG or VFX, film and gaming. You will collaborate with film- and game students on student productions. You will be mentored by faculty with extensive industry experience.


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About The Bachelor degree in 3D animation

This bachelor degree will lead to creative and practical skills within 3D­-art, animation and visual effects (VFX) for various types of production. For example, film, TV, VR­experiences, art content for games or visualizations, digital scenography for modern theatre, music festivals, concerts, events for business, and art projects.

Addressing the needs for a variety of productions will strengthen possibilities and broaden the job market for candidates. Common for all areas of production is being able to develop aesthetic visuals, through foundations in storytelling and artistic expression.

The bachelor in animation degree is offered at a Norwegian university`s campus in Steinkjer, which has modern computer labs with updated industry standard software. There is also a renderfarm, group production suites, editing suites, and a film studio complete with a 120 m2 green screen stage. The department offers traditional art supplies such as easels and animation tables. Students also have access to professional film supplies, camera and gear, still cameras and optics, as well as powerful projectors for digital scenography.

Applicants are expected to have foundational IT­-skills. A solid competence in English is required to read subject literature, and follow lectures which are all conducted in English.

Programme Description

The Norwegian University offering this degree has made significant investments in this field of study, and is one of the few universities offering a specialization within the creative and practical part of 3D/VFX. The study program is very production oriented.
In the first year, there is an introduction to various animation courses which could become areas of specialization. The five possible areas of specialization in the bachelor include traditional art, 3D­-art, animation, technical direction and compositing. In addition, the first year also includes general subjects such as storytelling and animation history.
The second year offers some specialization within chosen 3D animation courses areas. The first semester is lecture and practice based, with production periods starting second semester. Film students have coinciding production periods, and collaboration is highly encouraged. The university will also facilitate students wanting to start student companies, which is advisable in the second year.
The third and final year gives the opportunity for further specialization. The first semester is lecture and practice based with advanced courses in smaller classes. The final semester is then dedicated to the bachelor production. Students are encouraged to collaborate across various specializations to achieve the highest possible production quality. It is also possible to collaborate with students from other bachelor studies at the university, such as film or game students. Another option is to compete for attractive internships at various 3D/VFX houses.
The students also take part in arranging an annual international media festival (&Action), with guest lectures from leading studios and other industry professionals. The university also participates at other international conferences.
Project work and entrepreneurship:
The study program focuses on project oriented teamwork. Students will get ties to external clients and must learn to tackle the needs of specific projects, both individually and in groups. There is emphasis on entrepreneurship. The university has connections to local business incubators, and can assist with business mentoring. This is usually a continuation of established student companies, which might already have a client base and wish to professionalize.

The study program uses industry standard software, including:
– Adobe Creative Cloud
– Trapcode Particular Suite
– Maya
– Mudbox
– UV­Layout Pro
– Zbrush
– PTGui
– Mari
– Nuke
– Arnold render
– Pixar Tractor 2
– Resolume
– DaVinci Resolve
– Shotgun Studio
In addition, specialized tools might be required for certain projects.


Need Support on This Degree? Talk To Our Study Adviser Now

Tuition Fee

Students registering at Norwegian Universities do not have to pay tuition fees

Admission Requirement

EU students

Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English

Graduation from a senior secondary school and GCE Level / One year university studies.

Application Deadline

1st December Each year

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