Master of Engineering – Sustainable Product Creation

The Master of  Engineering – Sustainable Product Creation provides engineering students with a comprehensive understanding of all relevant aspects of the product creation process. The courses cover market segment definition, product designing and calculation, product manufacturing and product recycling and re-use. The classes include all aspects of sustainable product creation and have an interdisciplinary scope with mechanical and electrical know how.


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About The Degree master of engineering – Sustainable Product Creation Program

  • The graduate is capable of planning, designing and manufacturing products in a sustainable fashion in order to meet market demand.
  • He/she is trained to apply all techniques, skills and modern engineering tools, which are required for engineering practice.
  • He/she has a comprehensive understanding of engineering techniques and state-of-the-art methods.

Therefore this masters in product design aims primarily at:

  • Providing students with a profound (both detailed and broad) education in the domain of sustainable product creation.
  • Enabling students to understand the impact of their engineering work with regards to sustainable resources.
  • Preparing students for an international design, manufacturing or research career.
  • Introducing students to current research topics and enabling them to contribute to this research.
  • Fostering autonomous scientific work and problem solving.
  • Teaching students a goal-oriented, well-structured working style.
  • Enabling students to present and defend scientific results.

Career opportunities for the masters in product design 

  • Management position in industry
  • Leadership position in public administration or education
  • Research and development at university, industry or public research institutes

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Tuition Fee

Students registering at Luxembourg Universities do not have to pay tuition fees

Admission Requirement

The masters in product design study programme starts each year in September. A start in the second semester (January) is not possible.

Application are divided in 2 rounds:

– Enrolment period (round 1) for non-European applicants is from middle of January to end of April (exact dates to be confirmed).

– Enrolment period (round 2) for European students is from middle of January to end of July (exact dates to be confirmed).

It is recommended to apply as soon as possible due to the limited number of places.

It is recommended to always apply in the first round, even when the Bachelor isn’t finished yet. In that case first send in your last mark sheet. The final University Diploma and Mark sheet can be send in until the first week of September (All European students) or the first week of May (Non-EU students).

Due to the time limit and due to availability after the first round, the second round is only foreseen for students who do not need to obtain a visa. Indeed, non-EU students have to realize that obtaining a visa can take sometimes several months.

Furthermore, it’s preferable to send the application for student housing as soon as possible to obtain the most favorable answer.

If the number of applicants exceeds 25 students, they will be selected according to their academic record, motivation letter and potential reference letter.


Need Support on This Degree? Talk To Our Study Adviser Now


Full time studies, part time studies are not possible.
 Enrolment requires online registration, where the following documents are needed:

• ID photo;

• Copy of ID or passport;

• 1 copy (both sides) of health insurance / social security card + validity date (Non-EU students can get this in Luxembourg);

• Copy of University diploma(s) including grading (and official translation if other languages than French, German or English);

• A one page motivation letter;

• A detailed CV;

• Letters of recommendation can be added as an option;

• Only in case of doubt about the level of English of the applicant, we can ask for a B1-certificate (or TOEFL).

Requirements for admission:

Students from other universities

  • Students with a “Bachelor of Science in Engineering” (academic degree), with the profile Mechanical Engineering or similar have direct access to the Master.
  • Students with a “Bachelor of Applied Science” (“Fachhochschule” degree), with the profile Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering or similar:These students can apply to the Master if they have a grade of at least 15 out of 20 Points (75%). The final decision as to whether these students can participate in the programme will be based on their academic record and the successful completion of mandatory upgrading courses to be completed prior to start of the Master.
  • Students with another bachelor/master’s degree:Other students with a Bachelor degree (or even Master’s degree) can apply for the Master course when the level is at least the same as the students of the two groups mentioned above. The applicants will be selected “sur dossier” and mandatory bridge courses can be defined.
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