Masters in Psychology

The master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience provides you with advanced psychological knowledge. You will also gain practical experience through projects and lab work. Cognitive neuroscience is the study of the neural mechanisms underpinning cognition.


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About The Masters in Cognitive Psychology

In this masters in psychology program, three themes are in focus: Basic mechanisms of brain and cognition, advanced methods, and lifespan development of brain-cognition plasticity and interaction.

Laboratory training in a broad range of research methods relating to the brain and the mind is provided. The brain and the mind are seen as integrated dynamic processing systems developing through the human life span, and the program illuminates major systems underlying memory, attention, problem solving and others.

The masters in psychology graduate program is anchored in a research group, Centre for Study of Human Cognition at the Department of Psychology, providing rich opportunities for thesis projects.

Programme structure for the masters in cognitive science and neuroscience

In the first and second semester, all students will have three mandatory courses per semester (10 ECTS each, total of 30 ECTS per semester).

In the third and fourth semester the students will be writing their thesis and get supervision. There will be activites like research seminars and writing seminars in these two semesters.

Students wanting to go on exchange will have the opportunity in the third semester.

Admission requirements

Admission to master’s degree studies requires:

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification and a completed bachelor’s degree comparable to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree.
  • a specialization defined by the programme
  • a minimum grade average of C (in the Norwegian grading scale) or equivalent from the specialization in your degree.
  • a language requirement documented by one of the tests/exams below:

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Required specialization

Applicants to the master in psychology and neuroscience graduate programs  must have a minimum of 80 credit points (ECTS) in psychology in their bachelor degree, consisting of:

  • 20 ECTS Methodology (research methods and statistics):
    Knowledge and experience in quantitative and qualitative psychological method from university/higher educational level. It is a prerequisite for successful studies of the masters in psychology programme that you have a good knowledge of and experience with the use of methods since this is a prerequisite for success in the writing of the master thesis.
  • A total of minimum 30 ECTS within 3 of the 4 areas listed below. Each area must have a minimum of 5 ECTS to be considered:
    • Social Psychology
    • Personality Psychology
    • Developmental Psychology
    • Cognitive Psychology
  • Specialization course in cognitive psychology/neuroscience of minimum 10 ECTS, at a higher level. Courses taken during the 1st year of the bachelor’s degree are not included.

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Tuition Fee

Students registering at Norway Universities do not have to pay tuition fees
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