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Save time and money and grab the opportunity to enroll for one of the world cheapest online Masters degrees from one of the best universities in Cyrus through online learning. Earn a masters degree from a prestigious Cyprus university with less than $4,000 and save $30,000 which is the amount required to complete the on campus equivalent.
Start a journey that will change your life forever. Earn an internationally recognized Masters degree through online learning in any of the fields below from the most prestigious university in Nicosia and enjoy the same benefits and certificate accorded to on campus students.


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About the University and Degrees

The Nicosia based university offers a range of programmes that can be taken fully online. If you prefer face to face interaction, there’s a good chance you might have a campus location near you.

No matter which learning format you choose — online or on campus — you’ll take just one class at a time, so you can really focus on the subject at hand and gain in-depth knowledge of the course material.

On-campus college classes meet at specific times of the week during hours that are convenient to students with family and/or professional commitments. Courses last five to nine weeks each, depending on the program you choose — an accelerated pace that enables many students to complete their degrees in less time than they anticipated.

Below are the Programs you can study online at the University.

MBA – Management

M.Ed – Master in Education


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Bachelor Degree from an accredited University, Curriculum Vitae and Motivation

Total Tuition Fee

Less Than $4,000 for the entire program

Application Period

There is open enrollment for all the degree programs and there is no deadline for admission, student can begin there studies at any time of the year.


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Target Group for The Online Masters Degrees

The masters degree programs are suitable for the following group of individuals

  1. Anyone  interested in earning an online masters degree in any of the disciplines above
  2. university graduates who wish to receive another degree through e-learning without leaving their present occupation or profession
  3. Bachelor degree holders who wish to cover up for course and grade deficiency in their previous degree

Duration of The Degree Progams

Minimum of 18 months and Maximum of 4 years


After the completion of the program you will receive a Masters of Business Administration Degree  for the management program and a Masters of Education Degree for the Education program from the University offering the degree program in Cyprus

University Offering The Course

This course is offered by one of the best universities in Cyprus, Login below to gain complete information about the university offering the program and how to enroll for the program

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