Electrical Wiring Residential 18th Edition

Electrical Wiring Residential 18th Edition

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About Electrical Wiring Residential 18th Edition Book In PDF

Delivering the very latest in industry standards and procedures, longtime market leader ELECTRICAL WIRING RESIDENTIAL, 18e continues to provide comprehensive, authoritative coverage that fully implements the 2014 National Electrical CodeĀ®. The text’s signature three-part organization thoroughly covers Code, Electrical Knowledge, and Applications. It guides students step by step through the critical tasks and responsibilities that face today’s professional residential electricians in both new construction and existing homes. Extremely reader friendly, it offers detailed–but not overly technical–explanations and clearly relates the NEC to the actual installation process. Vivid Illustrations are fully coordinated with the latest NECĀ® regulations and provide further clarity. In addition, foldout plans at the back of the text–and also available in CourseMate–give students hands-on practice applying Code requirements. Helping you and your students get the most from your course, a wealth of teaching and learning resources includes a Lab Manual, CourseMate, printed instructor guide, instructor resource, instructor website, PowerPoint, video, image library, Computerized Test Bank, video clips, and more.

Table of content of Electrical Wiring Residential 18th Edition Book In PDF

  1. General Information for Electrical Installations.
  2. Electrical Symbols and Outlets.
  3. Determining the Required Number of Lighting Outlets, Receptacle Outlets, and Small-Appliance Branch Circuits.
  4. Conductor Sizes and Types, Wiring Methods, Wire Connections, Voltage Drop, and Neutral Conductor Sizing for Services.
  5. Conductor Identification, Switch Control of Lighting Circuits, Bonding/Grounding of Wiring Devices, Induction Heating.
  6. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters, Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors, Immersion Detection Circuit Interrupters, and Appliance Leakage Current Interrupters.
  7. Luminaires, Ballasts, and Lamps.
  8. Lighting Branch Circuit for the Front Bedroom.
  9. Lighting Branch Circuit for the Master Bedroom.
  10. Lighting Branch Circuit–Bathrooms, Hallway.
  11. Lighting Branch Circuit–Front Entry, Porch.
  12. Lighting Branch Circuit and Small-Appliance Circuits for the Kitchen.
  13. Lighting Branch Circuit for the Living Room.
  14. Lighting Branch Circuit for the Study/Bedroom.
  15. Dryer Outlet, Lighting, and Receptacle Circuits for the Laundry, Powder Room, Rear Entry Hall, and Attic.
  16. Lighting Branch Circuit for the Garage.
  17. Recreation Room.
  18. Lighting Branch Circuit, Receptacle Circuits for Workshop.
  19. Special-Purpose Outlets–Water Pump, Water Heater.
  20. Special-Purpose Outlets for Ranges, Counter-Mounted Cooking Unit G, and Wall-Mounted Oven.
  21. Special-Purpose Outlets–Food Waste Disposer, Dishwasher.
  22. Special-Purpose Outlets for the Bathroom Ceiling Heat/Vent/Lights, the Attic Fan, and the Hydromassage Tub.
  23. Special-Purpose Outlets–Electric Heating, Air Conditioning.
  24. Gas and Oil Central Heating Systems.
  25. Television, Telephone, and Low-Voltage Signal Systems.
  26. Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and Security Systems.
  27. Service-Entrance Equipment.
  28. Overcurrent Protection–Fuses and Circuit Breakers.
  29. Service-Entrance Calculations.
  30. Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, and Hydromassage Baths.
  31. Wiring for the Future: Home Automation Systems.
  32. Standby Power Systems.
  33. Residential Utility Interactive Photovoltaic Systems.
    Specifications for Electrical Work–Single-Family Dwelling.
    IAEI Membership Application Form.
    Key Terms.
    Web Sites.
    Index (Code and Subject).
    Plans for Single-Family Dwelling.
    Sheet 1 of 10 Basement Plan.
    Sheet 2 of 10 Floor Plan.
    Sheet 3 of 10 South (Front) Elevation; Window Schedule, Door Schedule.
    Sheet 4 of 10 East (Right) Elevation; Interior Elevations.
    Sheet 5 of 10 North (Rear) Elevation; Plot Plan.
    Sheet 6 of 10 West (Left) Elevation; Room Finish Schedule.
    Sheet 7 of 10 Section A-A.
    Sheet 8 of 10 Electrical Basement Plan.
    Sheet 9 of 10 Electrical Floor Plan.
    Sheet 10 of 10 Code Requirements for Swimming Pool Wiring.
    Blank Floor Plan First Floor.
    Blank Floor Plan Basement.
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