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Season 3

No. in
TitleEnglish titleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
171“Carla”“Carla”Jorge TorregrossaDarío Madrona13 March 2020
Carla takes back her testimony against Polo, dropping the charges, under pressure from her father threatening Samuel. Ander learns he has leukemia. Nadia meets new student Malik, a Muslim boy from Senegal, who charms her parents with his values. Lu’s father cuts her off financially after coming clean about her situation with Valerio. In the present, Polo is found dead in the club with the students looking on. Carla takes a broken bottleneck and hides it in her purse.
182“Samuel y Guzmán”“Samuel and Guzmán”Jorge TorregrossaJaime Vaca13 March 2020
Nadia and Lu compete for the same scholarship to Columbia University, and Nadia threatens to expose Lu’s secret affair with Valerio, if she does not withdraw from the scholarship. However, they decide to compete fairly. Rebeca finds out about Ander’s cancer diagnosis, and later Ander tells his mother and Omar. Samuel tries to get close with Carla, but is pushed away when Carla is scared of her father. A new student, Yeray, who used to attend the school returns. He is smitten by Carla, when she stood up for him to bullies before he left. Guzmán holds Polo hostage in his house, asking him to confess in court, but Samuel frees Polo when things go out of hand. Valerio goes to Rebeca’s house to get more cocaine. Rebeca reveals her feelings for Samuel.
193“Cayetana y Valerio”“Cayetana and Valerio”Dani de la OrdenAlmudena Ocaña13 March 2020
The inspector gives Samuel a deal: plant a bug in Rebeca’s house to gather evidence against her mother’s drug business, in return for letting his brother return harm free. Samuel follows through. Polo continues to be harassed at school. Samuel and Guzmán start posting tweets as Polo from a fake account about Marina’s murder. When Nadia’s parents oppose her plans to study at Columbia, Malik supports her and says he will be studying there too. Yeray takes Carla out, and later invites her father to his IPO celebration party. Her father forces her to attend, in order to convince Yeray to invest in his company. Cayetana is revealed as one of the fake account users.
204“Lu”“Lu”Dani de la OrdenCarlos C. Tomé13 March 2020
When Nadia fails a report, Guzmán goes to her shop to convince her father to let her spend time studying. When her mother is arrested, Rebeca falls short on money, and considers selling drugs to help pay for school. Without money, Lu throws an opposite Valentine’s Party. Malik kisses Omar, and they later hookup at Lu’s party. Malik takes Nadia’s family to dinner where Omar also comes, but Omar and his father fight about Ander, causing Omar to leave. Ander continues to struggle with chemo. Polo, Cayetana, and Valerio engage in a threesome. In the present, Lu tells the cops she knows who killed Polo.
215“Ander”“Ander”Jorge TorregrossaAlmudena Ocaña13 March 2020
Rebeca realises someone planted a bug that sent her mother to jail, prompting Samuel to rush to cover up his steps. Rebeca and Valerio start selling drugs at the school. Carla and Yeray continue their relationship, but Carla, unhappy, resorts to drugs. Polo, Cayetana, and Valerio decide to go to London together. At a blackout party, Rebeca finds out Samuel placed the bug, and Nadia finds out Malik is gay and was using her as a beard for his own parents. In the present, Ander considers confessing, but is talked out of it by Omar.
226“Rebeca”“Rebeca”Jorge TorregrossaCarlos C. Tomé and Andrés Seara13 March 2020
Nadia wins the scholarship, but backs out when Malik gives her an engagement ring to please their parents. However, she is talked back into it by Lu; she decides to split the scholarship with Lu. Ander finds out about Omar’s affair with Malik and breaks up with Omar, lying that he was cheating on him. Samuel tells Valerio to not sell her drugs when he sees Carla’s state. Polo later breaks off their relationship when he finds out Valerio made money for their school fees by selling drugs. Yeray throws a pool party where Rebeca sells Carla drugs out of spite. Carla admits to Yeray that she takes drugs in order to cope with their arranged relationship; she later overdoses and collapses. At school, Polo fights with Valerio about giving Carla drugs, causing the principal to find their stash.
237“Nadia y Omar”“Nadia and Omar”Dani de la OrdenJaime Vaca13 March 2020
Valerio and Rebeca are expelled over their drugs, while Samuel and Guzmán are expelled when Polo’s mother complains about bullying. Omar decides to go to New York with Nadia. Ander decides not to graduate. Rebeca’s mother is released from jail, and Rebeca asks her to quit. Carla apologizes to Yeray about their relationship and they make amends. At graduation, Nadia and Lu refer to their friends being expelled and Polo’s hand in Marina’s death, causing their scholarships to be cancelled. Samuel finds out his deal with the police was a trap to find his brother’s location. Yeray invests in the wineries, but makes Carla the owner. Polo convinces his mothers to go through with the scholarship and reveals to them that he indeed killed Marina. At the graduation party, Carla tries to make amends with Samuel, in time for Polo’s arrival.
248“Polo”“Polo”Dani de la OrdenDarío Madrona13 March 2020
The interactions between Polo and the characters over the season play out. It is revealed the Lu killed Polo with the bottleneck by accident. All the characters cover for Lu, by touching the bottle to put their fingerprints on them. They get Polo’s fingerprints, so it is deemed a suicide. Months later, Carla leaves the wineries to Valerio to take care of, so she can study abroad. Omar decides not to go to New York, reconciling with Ander. Samuel, Guzmán, Rebeca, Ander, and Omar return to Las Encinas for their final year. Cayetana accepts her family status and becomes the cleaning lady at the school.
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