for the love of act science pdf

The ACT science section requires students to utilize the basic principles of applied science. In this fun and easy-to-read book, test prep guru Michael Cerro walks readers through the key pillars of the scientific method: hypothesis analysis, experimentation, data collection, numerical and graphic data analysis, and conclusion-drawing.

Michael uses his background as a chemical engineer, chess player, and expert tutor with years of test prep experience to write a book that offers a new approach to the ACT Science section, one rooted in logic above all else. His book offers tons of opportunities to practice each strategy with customized sample questions that feel just like the ones on the real test. He includes essential teaching moments on every page and makes the ACT Science section seem so simple that students might even have fun doing it!

Above all, Michael’s love of science and the ACT exam ensures that everyone who uses this book—from budding biologists to “physics-phobes”—will be able to master the ACT Science section and gain a valuable life-long understanding of and appreciation for the world of science.

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