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About Friends Season 10 Episode 18 Online

After having sex with Ross, Rachel says it was ‘the perfect way to say goodbye’, and he realizes he is still in love with her. Phoebe and Joey pack Monica and Chandler’s belongings as the couple accompany Erica to the hospital. Ross and Phoebe race to the airport to tell Rachel of his feelings – but she gets on the plane anyway. Meanwhile, Erica gives birth to twins which Chandler and Monica name Jack and Erica. Still on the plane, contemplating Ross’ plea, Rachel has a change of heart. She leaves the plane and goes to Ross’ apartment to tell him that she loves him. After years of separation, the two finally get back together for good, saying “this is it”, hinting they will marry after the series (which is revealed to be true in the spin-off, Joey). Back in Monica’s apartment, the friends turn in their keys and go out for their last cup of coffee together as a group. The series ends with the friends leaving and a camera panning the apartment and the city.
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