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The fifth season of Friends, an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, premiered on NBC on September 24, 1998. Friends was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. The season contains 24 episodes and concluded airing on May 20, 1999.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
981The One After Ross Says RachelKevin S. BrightSeth KurlandSeptember 24, 199846765131.1[2]
After Ross mistakenly says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s at the altar, he tries to patch things up with her but she goes into hiding. Monica and Chandler are desperate to hook up again. Rachel debates whether she should confront Ross about his mistake. Ross persuades Rachel to go with him on his and Emily’s canceled Greece honeymoon but he abandons her at the last minute, and she unintentionally goes alone.
992“The One with All the Kissing”Gary HalvorsonWil CalhounOctober 1, 199846765225.4[2]
Phoebe feels left out when the other friends talk about their London trip. Rachel arrives back home, livid that Ross abandoned her on the plane to Greece when he attempted to reconcile with Emily. Monica and Chandler struggle to refrain their feelings for one another.
1003The One Hundredth
“The One with the Triplets”
Kevin S. BrightDavid Crane & Marta KauffmanOctober 8, 199846765326.8[2]
Phoebe’s water breaks and the gang head to the hospital: Rachel asks out a pair of male nurses for her and Monica in an attempt to get over Ross. This causes friction between Monica and Chandler. At the hospital, Joey, in pain, is diagnosed with kidney stones while Phoebe gives birth to Frank and Alice’s triplets: Frank Jr. Jr, Leslie and Chandler. Phoebe has difficulty giving them up.
1014“The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS”Shelley JensenMichael CurtisOctober 15, 199846765424.1[2]
Chandler starts behaving rather arrogantly after learning Monica thinks he is the best sex she has ever had. Phoebe does her best to find a selfless good deed. Ross finally makes contact with Emily and tries to work things out. Joey lands a job on a PBS telethon much to Phoebe’s disapproval.
1025“The One with the Kips”Dana DeValley PiazzaScott SilveriOctober 29, 199846765525.9[2]
Ross breaks the news to Rachel that Emily does not want him to see her anymore and Rachel worries about being phased out of the group entirely much like Chandler’s old roommate and seeks help from Phoebe while Monica and Chandler escape for a weekend away together and end up fighting – Joey eventually puts two and two together and realises the truth about their relationship.
1036“The One with the Yeti”Gary HalvorsonAlexa JungeNovember 5, 199846765625.0[2]
Phoebe’s mother sends her a fur coat causing her to rethink her views. Emily’s demands on Ross become more unreasonable to the annoyance of his friends, causing him to make a huge decision about his marriage. Monica and Rachel encounter what they think is a yeti in the storage room leading to an unexpected outcome.
1047“The One Where Ross Moves In”Gary HalvorsonGigi McCreery & Perry ReinNovember 12, 199846765724.4[2]
Rachel tries acting indifferent to Danny despite liking him. Phoebe begins dating Larry, a health inspector, but her friends soon become annoyed when he shuts down all their favorite restaurants. After Ross is evicted, Joey and Chandler invite him to move in with them but soon regret this and want to get rid of him.
1058The One with All the ThanksgivingsKevin S. BrightGregory S. MalinsNovember 19, 199846765923.9[2]
Monica cooks Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. When they are too full to do anything else, they share stories of their worst-ever Thanksgivings: Chandler learned of his parents’ divorce; Joey got a turkey stuck on his head; years before, when Monica tried seducing Chandler, she accidentally cut off his toe tip with a sharp knife.
1069“The One with Ross’s Sandwich”Gary HalvorsonTed Cohen & Andrew ReichDecember 10, 199846765823.0[2]
Phoebe takes a literature class and regrets bringing Rachel along so has a little fun of her own. Joey tires of covering up Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship, like covering for them when they put up a camera to watch themselves have sex and his date believes it’s for them and that Rachel finds Chandler’s underwear in the couch, with them masquerading as Joey’s. Ross is advised to take time off work after losing his temper when a colleague eats his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich that the colleague didn’t even finish. Eventually, things come to a head when Joey finds nudes of Monica and everyone believes he has a secret peep hole, with Monica and Chandler begging him to go along with the ploy that he is perverted. Joey is able to get revenge by saying he slept with Monica in London and that she’s been trying to get him back ever since, much to Monica’s horror.
10710“The One with the Inappropriate Sister”Dana DeValley PiazzaShana Goldberg-MeehanDecember 17, 199846766123.7[2]
During his time off work, Ross, bored, encourages Joey to write and star in his own movies, ultimately causing friction between the three guys. Phoebe encounters problems while collecting money for the poor in the run up to Christmas. Monica sets Rachel up on a date with Danny but Rachel quickly loses interest after seeing the overly-intimate way Danny interacts with his sister.
10811“The One with All the Resolutions”Joe RegalbutoStory by : Brian Boyle
Teleplay by : Suzie Villandry
January 7, 199946766027.0[2]
The gang decide to make some New Year resolutions: Rachel promises to stop gossiping, Monica tries to be less clean and tidy (which ultimately fails, so she starts taking more group photos). Phoebe wants to pilot a commercial aircraft, and Joey would like to learn the guitar. Chandler must stop making jokes and Ross wants to try something new each day. Phoebe’s attempt to teach Joey the guitar ends badly. Ross encounters a few problems when he goes on a date wearing a new pair of leather pants. Rachel receives a shock when she picks up the phone at the apartment.
10912“The One with Chandler’s Work Laugh”Kevin S. BrightAlicia Sky VarinaitisJanuary 21, 199946766324.8[2]
Monica is dismayed by how Chandler kisses up to his boss at work. Rachel tries to get Monica to confess her secret to her. However, when she does not, Rachel feels hurt that Monica is apparently unwilling to confide in her. Ross learns Emily is engaged again, and has a one-night stand with someone the group is all too familiar with, Janice. Later, Janice breaks up with him, as she ironically “can’t take another second of his whining.” Ross asks forgiveness from Chandler, but Chandler doesn’t see what Ross did wrong until he is reminded that friends can’t fool around with ex-girlfriends or female relations (scaring Chandler because of his relationship with Monica.)
11013“The One with Joey’s Bag”Gail MancusoStory by : Michael Curtis
Teleplay by : Seth Kurland
February 4, 199946766224.9[2]
Phoebe’s grandmother dies, and she is shocked when her father turns up at the funeral (When he identifies himself as “Frank Buffay,” there is an audible gasp from the studio audience.). Wanting to know more about him, she decides to arrange an encounter without telling him her identity. With an audition coming up, Joey wants to look good, but doesn’t feel he has a ‘style’. Rachel steps in to help out and convinces Joey to start carrying a “man’s bag” to help him get the part. Joey soon starts loving the bag, but to everyone else he just looks like a man carrying a purse. Monica is upset that Chandler doesn’t like her massages, but her competitive nature is placated when Chandler says she gives the “best bad massages.”
11114The One Where Everybody Finds OutMichael LembeckAlexa JungeFebruary 11, 199946766427.7[2]
Ugly Naked Guy is moving out, and Ross decides to apply to sublet his apartment. Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler after seeing them through Ugly Naked Guy’s window and although Joey is happy that now they can just confront them, Rachel and Phoebe instead decide to pretend Phoebe is romantically interested in Chandler, so as to make them confess. Monica and Chandler realize something’s up so they play along. Ross finds out that quite a few people are interested in Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment and goes to extremes to win him over. Eventually the competition between Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel comes to a head, and Chandler and Monica admit that they love each other. Despite this, they still wish to keep their relationship a secret from Ross … but he soon finds out.
11215The One with the Girl Who Hits JoeyKevin S. BrightAdam ChaseFebruary 18, 199946766529.3[2]
Ross is initially furious upon learning of Chandler and Monica’s relationship, but quickly comes round when he learns it is serious. Joey dates a girl who likes to punch him (Soleil Moon Frye). Ross gets off on the wrong foot with his new neighbors when he, not unreasonably, refuses to contribute towards the retiring superintendent‘s collection. Chandler and Monica have problems with their relationship after everyone jokes around about marriage. Monica is upset that Chandler refuses to consider getting married one day, and he becomes so worried about losing her that he hastily proposes. Monica turns him down, telling him that while she wants him to be open to the idea of getting married one day, they certainly aren’t ready yet (much to Chandler’s relief).
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