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About Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3

What Is Dead May Never Die” is the third episode of the second season of HBO’s medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, first airing on April 15, 2012. The episode is written by Bryan Cogman and directed by Alik Sakharov, who worked previously as the director of photography on four season one episodes.

The plot continues events built up in previous episodes: the aftermath of Jon Snow’s investigation into Craster, Catelyn Stark’s journey to the Stormlands in order to ask for Renly Baratheon’s assistance in fighting the Lannisters, Theon’s internal conflict as to where his allegiance lies, Tyrion Lannister uses his cunning to find his sister’s spy within the Small Council, and Arya is consoled by Yoren before being confronted by soldiers looking for Gendry. The episode’s title is taken from a prayer used on the Iron Islands, by worshippers of the Drowned God.

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In King’s Landing

Dining with her children and Sansa, Cersei discusses the war and Sansa’s betrothal to Joffrey. Afterward, Sansa is greeted by Shae, posing as her new handmaiden.

Tyrion separately shares plans with Grand Maester Pycelle, Varys, and Petyr Baelish, to marry Myrcella off, but suggests a different husband to each of them. Cersei confronts Tyrion over the plan Tyrion gave to Pycelle, confirming Pycelle is her spy. Tyrion sends him to the dungeons, but not before Pycelle confesses that he told Cersei that Jon Arryn knew of her incest with Jaime. Tyrion convinces Baelish to meet Catelyn Stark in the Stormlands and persuade her to release Jaime.

Beyond the Wall

Craster returns with Jon Snow and orders the Night’s Watch off his lands. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont admits to Jon that he already knew of Craster’s sacrifice of his sons, but argues that Craster is indispensable to the Night’s Watch’s campaign. Samwell Tarly promises to come back for Gilly when the Night’s Watch returns to the Wall.

At Winterfell

Bran Stark dreams again that he is his direwolf, Summer. Maester Luwin assures him the time of magic and dragons is over.

In the Reach

Catelyn arrives at self-crowned King Renly Baratheon’s camp, where he and his new wife Margaery Tyrell watch imposing female warrior Brienne of Tarth win a tournament against Margaery’s brother Loras. Renly grants Brienne a place in his Kingsguard, and is confident his army can defeat the Lannisters, but Catelyn reminds him his men are inexperienced. When Renly is unable to consummate their marriage, Margaery reveals she knows of his relationship with Loras, but insists her pregnancy must secure their families’ alliance.

On the Iron Islands

Balon Greyjoy plans war on the North with Yara, who tells Theon he must choose between the Starks or the Greyjoys. Theon considers warning Robb Stark, but decides to serve under his father.

In the Riverlands

Yoren tells Arya Stark how he joined the Night’s Watch. Lannister men led by Ser Amory Lorch arrive and demand Gendry, and the ensuing battle leaves the Night’s Watch men dead. Arya rescues the prisoners, including Jaqen H’ghar, and loses her sword Needle to a Lannister soldier, Polliver. Lorch orders the survivors taken to Harrenhal, and Pollivar kills wounded Lommy Greenhands. Lorch demands the survivors point out Gendry, but before he can give himself up, Arya tells Lorch that Lommy was Gendry.

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