Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7

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About Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7

The Bear and the Maiden Fair” is the seventh episode of the third season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 27th episode of the series overall. The episode was written by George R. R. Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels on which the series is based, and was directed by Michelle MacLaren, her directorial debut for the series.

The plot of the episode advances the storylines of Daenerys’s arrival to the city of Yunkai, the repercussions of the upcoming marriage of Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark, and Brienne’s fate at the ruined castle of Harrenhal. The title of the episode refers to “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, a popular song among commoners and noblemen within the series’ universe, which had been introduced four episodes earlier. In this episode, it refers to Brienne of Tarth (the maiden fair) facing a real bear.


In King’s Landing

Sansa is comforted by Margaery, who has heard of Sansa’s betrothal to Tyrion. Elsewhere, Tyrion and Bronn discuss the match and how it will affect Shae. Tywin meets with Joffrey. Joffrey asks what they should do about the rumors of Daenerys and her dragons, but Tywin claims there is no threat.

On Blackwater Bay, Melisandre reveals to Gendry that his father was King Robert Baratheon.

In the North

Jon and the wildling party continue their journey south. Soon after, Orell speaks to Ygritte, confessing his love for her and trying to convince her that Jon is still loyal to the Night’s Watch. Later, Jon tells Ygritte that the wildling cause is hopeless, but she remains undaunted.

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Theon is freed from his constraints by two young women. They begin pleasuring him. The three are soon interrupted by his tormenter, who had ordered the women to seduce Theon in order to torment him further. The boy mocks Theon’s sexual prowess, before ordering his men to restrain Theon as he removes Theon’s genitals.

Heading for the Wall, Osha continues to grow suspicious of the Reeds, calling Jojen’s visions “black magic”. When she says they have to continue to the Wall, Jojen reveals that the three-eyed raven is north of the Wall. Osha refuses to allow them to go north of the Wall, relating to them the story of her husband’s death and resurrection as a wight.

In the Riverlands

Robb, his advisors, and his army are delayed by rain in their march toward the Twins for Edmure’s wedding to Roslin Frey. Catelyn and the Blackfish discuss their distaste for Walder Frey, who will see their delay and Robb’s oath-breaking as slights against his family. Talisa reveals to Robb that she is pregnant.

At the Brotherhood’s hideout, Arya berates Beric and Thoros for selling Gendry to Melisandre. When Anguy tells Beric of a Lannister raiding party near them, Beric orders the men to move out in pursuit. Arya calls Beric a liar, as he promised to take her to Riverrun. She runs away and is taken captive by the Hound.

Outside Yunkai

Daenerys, Jorah, Barristan, and the Unsullied reach Yunkai. Daenerys tells Jorah she will take the city to free its 200,000 slaves. An envoy, Razdal mo Eraz, is sent by Yunkai to offer terms of peace, which include chests filled with gold bars and as many ships as Daenerys wants. Daenerys refuses his offer, demanding the slaves of the city be freed and paid for their service.

At Harrenhal

Jaime visits Brienne in her cell. He tells her that he will be leaving for King’s Landing the next day. Before Jaime leaves, Brienne makes him swear to uphold his oath to Catelyn and return the Stark girls to their mother. As he leaves, Jaime dryly tells Roose to tell Robb that “the Lannisters send their regards”.

When Qyburn informs Jaime that Brienne will not be ransomed by Locke, Jaime manipulates the party leader, Steelshanks, to order their return to Harrenhal. Upon their arrival, Jaime finds that Brienne has been thrown into a pit by Locke and his men, and has been forced to fight a grizzly bear while armed only with a wooden sword. Jaime leaps into the pit to protect her. Jaime boosts Brienne out of the pit, and is then lifted to safety.

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