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About Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Online

The Lion and the Rose” is the second episode of the fourth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 32nd overall. The episode was written by George R. R. Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels of which the series is an adaptation, and directed by Alex Graves. It aired on April 13, 2014.

The episode focuses principally on the long-awaited royal wedding between Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, which ends tragically as Joffrey dies after drinking poisoned wine at the reception, a plot development that despite being in the books came as a shock to viewers since it abruptly killed the show’s principal villain just a few episodes after the Red Wedding had violently killed off several of the show’s protagonists. Other storylines include House Bolton’s quest to retake the North, and Bran’s continued journey north of The Wall. The title refers to the sigils of the wedding couple’s respective houses – a lion for Joffrey Baratheon, who is in truth an illegitimate bastard, and a rose for Margaery Tyrell.

Unlike Martin’s previous three episodes, his draft of the screenplay has some major differences from the episode as produced, with more minor characters and detail at the wedding feast. Most significantly, it sets up some plotlines from the books that the series would ultimately not use, such as Ramsay marrying an impostor woman posing as Arya instead of Sansa. It would have also resolved the unanswered question from the show’s first season of who had been behind the attempted assassination of Bran Stark by implying more strongly than the books did that it was Joffrey, rather than Littlefinger as the series would suggest several seasons later.


At the Dreadfort

Ramsay hunts a woman with the assistance of his servant, Reek (formerly Theon) and his bedwarmer Myranda. Roose and his wife Walda arrive at the Dreadfort. Roose intended to trade Theon to the Ironborn for Moat Cailin, but now is unable to do so because Ramsay castrated Theon. Ramsay demonstrates his brainwashing of Reek by having Reek shave him while Ramsay tells him of Robb Stark’s death and coaxes out the true story about what happened to Bran and Rickon Stark. Roose orders Locke to kill the Stark boys, who pose a threat to his new position as Warden of the North. Ramsay suggests that they also kill Jon. Roose dispatches Locke to Castle Black, and orders Ramsay to occupy Moat Cailin, hinting Ramsay may be legitimized if successful.

Beyond the Wall

After stopping at a weirwood, Bran has strange visions, including of a ruined and snowbound Red Keep, a dragon above King’s Landing, and a large weirwood further North. He declares that he knows where his group must go.

At Dragonstone

Melisandre orders several men burned at the stake, including Selyse’s brother Ser Axell Florent, as a tribute to the Lord of Light. Melisandre speaks with Shireen about her faith.

In King’s Landing

Tyrion encourages Jaime to train his left hand with Bronn.

Varys tells Tyrion that Cersei knows about Shae. After overhearing Cersei and Tywin discussing Shae, Tyrion orders Bronn to escort Shae to the boat to sail for Essos, but she refuses to leave until Tyrion calls her a whore.

Joffrey and Margaery are married at the Sept of Baelor, and the court returns to the Red Keep for the wedding feast. Jaime tells Loras that if he weds Cersei she would kill him in his sleep; Loras retorts with a remark about their incest. Cersei accuses Brienne of being in love with Jaime. Oberyn and his paramour Ellaria Sand tell Cersei and Tywin that Myrcella is in Dorne.

Joffrey presents a crude play with dwarves depicting the War of the Five Kings and suggests that Tyrion participate. Embarrassed by Tyrion’s witty response, Joffrey orders Tyrion to be his cupbearer. Margaery defuses the tension, but then Joffrey begins choking. During the commotion, Dontos tells Sansa to flee with him. As he dies, Joffrey points accussingly at Tyrion. A grief-stricken Cersei orders Tyrion arrested on charges of poisoning the king.

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