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About Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 Online

“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” is the sixth episode of the fifth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 46th overall. The episode was written by Bryan Cogman, and directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

The episode polarized critics and viewers for its ending, depicting a violent sexual assault. It received a rating of 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was the lowest-rated Game of Thrones episode until “The Bells” in season 8. Nonetheless, director Jeremy Podeswa received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for this episode.

The name of the episode comes from the House Martell motto Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, words about strength that are put in contrast with the fates of several main characters, especially women, as these take a turn for the worse.


In Braavos

The Waif tells Arya that to pass the Game of Faces she must be able to convincingly lie. Arya plays with Jaqen, who is able to detect that Arya is lying about her hatred for the Hound, despite her insistence to the contrary. Later, when a man brings his sick daughter to the temple so that she can die in peace, Arya lies to her that she was ill like her in the past and gives her the temple’s poisoned water to end her suffering. Jaqen takes Arya to a chamber where the Faceless Men store the faces of all the people that have died in the temple and tells her that she is not yet ready to become no one, but she is ready to become someone else.

In Dorne

As the Sand Snakes prepare to abduct Myrcella, Bronn and Jaime disguise themselves as Dornish guards and infiltrate the Water Gardens to rescue her first. A skirmish between the two parties ensues before Dornish guards, led by Areo Hotah, arrive and arrest both groups. Ellaria Sand is also taken into custody.

On the Valyrian peninsula

Tyrion tells Jorah that his father Jeor is dead. Soon after, they are captured by slavers. After hearing that Daenerys has reopened the fighting pits, Tyrion convinces the slavers to take them to Meereen, saying that Jorah is an accomplished warrior.

In King’s Landing

Baelish arrives in King’s Landing and tells Cersei that Sansa will marry Ramsay at Winterfell, and gets her approval to lead the Knights of the Vale to destroy the victor of Stannis’ attack on the Boltons and be named Warden of the North. Olenna arrives and tells Cersei that her actions have put the Lannister-Tyrell alliance in peril, but Cersei claims that she had nothing to do with Loras’ arrest. At Loras’ inquest, the High Sparrow interrogates Loras and Margaery, who both deny that Loras is homosexual. Olyvar testifies against Loras and the Faith Militant arrests Loras; Margaery is also arrested for perjury.

In Winterfell

After his wedding to Sansa, Ramsay brings her to his chambers and forces Reek to watch as he rapes her.

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