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About Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Online

“Blood of My Blood” is the sixth episode of the sixth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 56th overall. The episode was written by Bryan Cogman, and directed by Jack Bender.

Bran Stark and Meera Reed are rescued from the White Walkers by Benjen Stark. Samwell Tarly returns to his family’s home in Horn Hill, accompanied by Gilly and little Sam; Jaime Lannister attempts to rescue the Queen, Margaery Tyrell; Arya Stark defies the Faceless Men; and Daenerys Targaryen rides on Drogon and emboldens her newly acquired khalasar.

“Blood of My Blood” was positively received by critics who praised the return of several notable characters, including Benjen Stark, Walder Frey and Edmure Tully. Further praise was given to other plot points, such as Samwell’s return to Horn Hill, and Arya’s decision to return to being a Stark rather than a disciple of the Many-Faced God. The episode title is a reference to a famous Dothraki saying used between a Khal and his bloodriders. Filming of Bran’s visions was put together precisely and also very carefully chosen. In the United States, the episode achieved a viewership of 6.71 million in its initial broadcast.


Beyond the Wall

Bran and Meera continue to flee the wights. Bran, still in his visions, has visions of events past and future, including Jaime Lannister killing King Aerys Targaryen, a dragon flying over the Red Keep, and wildfire exploding beneath King’s Landing. As the wights close in, a rider appears and pulls Meera and Bran onto his horse, allowing them to escape.

Bran awakens to find the rider is his uncle, Benjen Stark, who had gone missing beyond the Wall. Benjen explains that he was stabbed by a White Walker during a ranging, but was saved by the Children of the Forest. He tells Bran that he needs to become the Three-Eyed Raven before the Night King comes south.

At Horn Hill

Samwell, Gilly, and Little Sam arrive at Horn Hill, the seat of House Tarly. Sam warns Gilly not to mention that she is a Wildling, due to his father Randyll’s hatred of Wildlings. At dinner, Randyll insults Sam. Gilly defends Sam, but in doing so accidentally reveals her Wildling heritage. Disgusted, Randyll tells Sam that Gilly and Little Sam can remain at Horn Hill, but that he must never set foot in Horn Hill again. Sam bids farewell to Gilly, but then changes his mind and decides to bring her and Little Sam with him to the Citadel. As they leave, Sam takes House Tarly’s ancestral Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane, as well.

In Braavos

Arya returns to watch the play featuring Lady Crane. She sneaks backstage during the last act and poisons Lady Crane’s rum. As she attempts to leave, Lady Crane stops her, and they discuss acting and Lady Crane’s early life. Arya stops her from drinking her rum, and warns her that her rival Bianca wants her dead. The scene is witnessed by the Waif, who returns to tell Jaqen of Arya’s failure. Jaqen gives the Waif permission to kill Arya. Meanwhile, Arya retrieves her sword, Needle, from the rocks where she had hidden it and goes into hiding.

At the Twins

Lord Walder Frey receives word that House Tully’s former seat Riverrun has been retaken by Brynden “Blackfish” Tully. Walder orders his son Lothar Frey and Black Walder Rivers to recapture the castle. He brings in Edmure Tully, held as a prisoner since the Red Wedding, and declares that they will use him to retake Riverrun.

In King’s Landing

The High Sparrow, along with Tommen, prepares for Margaery’s walk of atonement. The High Sparrow allows Tommen to visit his wife, where he discovers that Margaery has become a devout follower of the Faith of the Seven and repented for her sins.

Jaime and Mace Tyrell lead the Tyrell soldiers to the Great Sept of Baelor, where the High Sparrow is presenting Margaery to the people of King’s Landing. Jaime orders the High Sparrow to release Margaery and Loras, threatening force against the Faith Militant. The High Sparrow declares that Margaery will not have to perform a walk of atonement, and instead presents Tommen, who announces that he has agreed to unite the Faith and the Crown. When Mace asks Olenna what this means, she bitterly replies it means the High Sparrow has won.

Tommen relieves Jaime from the Kingsguard as punishment for taking up arms against the Faith, to Jaime’s dismay. Jaime is instead given orders to oust the Blackfish from Riverrun. Cersei counsels him to use the campaign to show their force to their enemies. Cersei expresses no concern about her upcoming trial, as it will be a trial by combat and she has chosen the Mountain as her champion. Cersei and Jaime then passionately kiss.

In the Dothraki Sea

While riding, Daenerys notices an unusual gust of wind and rides out alone to investigate. As Daario, impatient, prepares to follow her, Drogon flies over the khalasar, with Daenerys riding on his back. Daenerys lands nearby and rallies the Dothraki by stating that she chooses them all to be her bloodriders, rather than the traditional three chosen by khals. She then asks if they will cross the Narrow Sea with her and help her retake the Seven Kingdoms, which they unanimously agree to do.

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