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About Girl on the Third Floor Full Movie


Girl on the Third Floor is a 2019 horror film directed by Travis Stevens, written by Stevens, Paul Johnstone and Ben Parker, and starring CM Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn and Tonya Kay. The film tells the story of a deeply flawed husband who renovates an old home for himself and his wife, and the supernatural events that ensue while they live there.

Girl on the Third Floor is scheduled to world-wide premiere on October 25, 2019 after having previously garnered largely positive reviews at SXSW, BUFF, and the London FrightFest Film Festivals. Reviewers took note of both the command of the genre of newcomer director Travis Stevens as well as the convincing portrayal of the main character by pro-wrestler-turned-MMA fighter-turned-actor Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. The film was widely praised by reviewers for its “wonderful and gross” usage of practical special effects from UK designer Daniel Martin.

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A deeply-flawed ex-lawyer named Don Koch, seeking a new start in life, purchases a run-down old house in the suburbs of Chicago with the intent of fixing it up to provide himself and his pregnant wife, Liz, a new life away from the city. He moves into the home ahead of her along with his dog Cooper, determined to begin renovating without professional help. He learns through his new neighbors that the house has a sordid past, and begins experiencing supernatural events within the home.

Nearly every detail Don attempts to change within the house appears to be haunted and bleeds when touched; the house leaks oily fluid from every pipe, marbles appear randomly as a signal for the supernatural, and the living room ceiling collapses, revealing an attic covered with child’s paintings. Don’s neighbor Ellie warns him to leave, but he persists. His second neighbor, Sarah, begins coming over and flirts with him until Don gives in and cheats on his wife with her, but insists it cannot happen again.

Showing the renovating difficulties to Liz over the phone, she insists Don enlist help. Don invites his friend Milo, a fellow lawyer, to help with the renovation. Sarah shows up again and Milo sees Don threaten her. Milo discovers Don’s affair, but before he can tell Liz, he strangely encounters Sarah in the basement. She hits him in the face with a hammer, and as Milo tries to escape, he sees another woman: a grotesque combination of a mangled human face and teeth crudely stitched together (named The Nymph in the credits). Sarah finishes him off.

When Liz thinks she sees another person in the camera’s background Don changes the locks and installs security cameras. Ellie, a pastor at the nearby church, drops by to check on Don with another veiled warning about the house’s history. That night Sarah lures Cooper downstairs and Don wakes up the next morning to find his dog stuffed dead into the dryer. Calling the police does not help since there is no evidence against Sarah. Furious, Don kills Sarah to conceal his affair and hides the body behind brick in the basement. He then drills the walls and inserts a camera inside, trying to find the source of leaking blood. To his horror, he finds a head with blonde hair which giggles and disappears.

Don smashes the walls until he finds living, moaning, bleeding tissue underneath, then Milo’s head. His phone receives a message from Milo’s phone: Sarah, still alive, with the text “Actions have consequences”. Don is chased to the top floor by The Nymph and feels marbles roll under his skin. As he desperately tries to cut them out, he accidentally cuts his own jugular vein and bleeds to death.

Liz arrives and while searching for Don and Cooper finds an old newspaper describing how the house used to be an illegal brothel and how one girl’s body had never been found. She also finds Don’s stash of alcohol, and the holes smashed in the newly renovated walls. Sarah greets her inside, claiming to be Don’s assistant. After experiencing some of the house’s weirdness, Liz seeks Ellie’s advice, revealing more of Don’s shameful past. Ellie advises her to leave. After returning to the house that evening, Liz is greeted by Sarah again, who tells her “the show is already starting.” Liz goes to the attic and experiences a vision of the house’s past: wealthy clients gathering to observe a cruel sadistic show involving a masked man and Sarah. A young girl in the attic draws pictures of the show on the walls, and an unknown man gives her a bag of marbles before saying “that’s my girl.” Liz then sees Sarah in the present day; Sarah says the brothel owner killed her, and none of the clients who obsessed over her ever tried to find out what happened. As Sarah tries to kill Liz and chases her, Don’s lacerated ghost appears and begs Liz to forgive him for his past and recent indiscretions; she refuses, and Sarah, laughing and congratulatory, cuts herself out of Don’s skin (she was wearing Don like a suit).

Liz takes the hammer, sees The Nymph, and bashes its deformed head. Sarah then calmly allows Liz to leave the house. Liz finds Ellie sitting on the porch, who tells her that she knew about the haunted house, but the rules of the curse are that someone must willingly confront it. Since Don failed, Liz was given the choice, and may now end the curse herself. Liz does so by finding Sarah’s true body behind a closet panel. Ellie and Liz give Sarah a proper burial.

Six months later, Liz, having given birth to her daughter, is still living in the house. When she lays the baby down for a nap, Don’s smiling face appears in the ventilation shaft. He drops marbles into his daughter’s crib and whispers “That’s my girl”.

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