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About The Kitchen Confidential Audiobook Free

Narrated by Anthony Bourdain

On June 8, 2000, 18 years to the day before his death in France at age 61 of an apparent suicide, USA TODAY published its review of Kitchen Confidential, a tell-all book by a barely known New York chef, based on a story in The New Yorker. The bestseller would catapult the brash Bourdain to celebrity status, spawning a 2005 Fox series starring Bradley Cooper and two long-running cable series hosted by the real Bourdain: Travel Channel’s No Reservations (2005-12) and CNN’s Parts Unknown, which began in 2013.

When Chef Anthony Bourdain wrote “Don’t Eat Before You Read This” in The New Yorker, he spared no one’s appetite, revealing what goes on behind the kitchen door. In Kitchen Confidential, he expanded the appetizer into a deliciously funny, delectably shocking banquet that lays out his twenty-five years of sex, drugs, and haute cuisine.

From his first oyster in Gironda to the kitchen of the Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center, from the restaurants of Tokyo to the drug dealers of the East Village, from the mobsters to the rats, Bourdain’s brilliantly written and wonderfully read, wild-but-true tales make the belly ache with laughter. Kitchen Confidential Audiobook Free.

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