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love sincerely yours read online free

eyton runs the social media at an outdoor adventure company and loves her job, but she wants more, both in terms of the job itself and her fantasies about her sexy as hell boss. She’s smart, independent, feisty, and a genius at marketing. She’s genuinely well-liked and has found great friendships at work.

Rome is sexy, but he’s also tough, critical, demanding, and doesn’t suffer fools. He built his company from the ground up with his best friend and business partner, Hunter. While Hunter is well-liked, Rome is intimidating and everyone has less than positive nicknames for him. Rome is an unapologetic workaholic, in part because he’s totally dedicated to making sure his company is a success but also because he doesn’t have a life outside of work.

Peyton, unfortunately, has a massive crush on Rome. She’s convinced he doesn’t know she exists until she delivers unwelcome news. Peyton totally surprises Rome and disrupts his world. He doesn’t know quite how to handle the sassy brunette, who he might actually need both in business and in private.

“No. I’m just messing with you.” I swear, the look on his face…
Silver eyes narrow in my direction. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you.”
“Mmm. So, so much.” Immeasurably.

Peyton really gets under his skin when she drunkenly sends an anonymous email letting him know how she feels. Rome is so uptight and rigid and her sassy email absolutely gets to him and begins a back-and-forth both eagerly anticipate. They banter and challenge each other as the anticipation builds. Rome is all about his no fraternization policy, but Peyton tempts him relentlessly to cross that line. It’s more than just lust as they begin to open up to each other and see the person beyond the exterior.

“Peyton.” Just my name.
One word.
“Yes, Mr. Blackburn. Sir.” I give him my sweetest smile, knowing he hates being addressed as either.
He moves his jaw back and forth, and then it hits me hard in the chest. “You need me more.”

Love, Sincerely, Yours is a highly entertaining slow burn that I couldn’t put down. Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn teamed up in a delightfully steamy workplace romance that ratchets up the tension between contradictory but well-matched characters. This duo provided great characters, heat, humor, banter, anticipation, and teased which character might meet their match next. Fans of Whitney G. and Sawyer Bennett will enjoy Love, Sincerely, Yours.

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