Managerial Accounting Hansen Mowen 9th Edition PDF

Managerial Accounting Hansen Mowen 9th Edition PDF

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About Managerial Accounting Hansen Mowen 9th Edition PDF Book

MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, 7E makes teaching and learning managerial accounting meaningful, fun, and relatable for both you and your students. This edition has been revised with an emphasis on showing students “Here’s How It’s Used.” This unique learning approach along with new brief video clips and relevant examples encourages and enables students to develop a deeper understanding of managerial accounting and its implications for business. Additionally, a new organization logically progresses from why managerial accounting is important, to what it is, to where the information comes from, and how it is best used to make business decisions. Students even explore emerging topics of interest to them, such as sustainability, quality cost, lean accounting, international issues, enterprise risk management, and forensic and fraud accounting.

Table of contents of Managerial Accounting Hansen Mowen 9th Edition PDF

WHY Is Managerial Accounting Important?

  1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting.
  2. Basic Managerial Accounting Concepts.
    WHAT Is Managerial Accounting?
  3. Cost Behavior, Cost Forecasting, and Segmented Income Statements.
    WHERE Does Managerial Accounting Come From?
  4. Job-Order Costing and Normal Cost (Overhead Application).
  5. Activity-Based Costing and Management
  6. Process Costing.
    HOW Is Managerial Accounting USED for Decision Making?
  7. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.
  8. Tactical Decision-Making and Relevant Costing.
  9. Profit Planning and Flexible Budgets.
  10. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis.
  11. Performance Evaluation and Decentralization.
  12. Capital Investment Decisions.
  13. Emerging Topics in Managerial Accounting: Sustainability, Quality Cost, Lean Accounting, International Issues, Enterprise Risk Management, The Managerial Accountant in Forensic/Fraud Accounting
  14. Statement of Cash Flows.
  15. Financial Statement Analysis.
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