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About Midsommar Full Movie

Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Ellora Torchia, Archie Madekwe, and Will Poulter. It follows a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival that occurs once every 90 years and find themselves in the clutches of a pagan cult.

A co-production between the United States and Sweden, the film was initially pitched to Aster as a straightforward slasher film set amongst Swedish cultists. Aster devised a screenplay using elements of the concept, but made a deteriorating relationship the central conflict after he experienced a difficult breakup. The film was shot on location in Budapest in the summer and autumn of 2018.

Midsommar was theatrically released in the United States on July 3, 2019, by A24 and in Sweden on July 10, 2019, by Nordisk Film. The film grossed $46 million and received positive reviews from critics, with many praising Aster’s direction and Pugh’s performance.

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College student Dani Ardor is traumatized after her sister Terri kills herself and their parents by filling their home with carbon monoxide. The incident strains Dani’s relationship with her already emotionally distant boyfriend, Christian Hughes, a cultural anthropology graduate student. The following summer, Dani learns that Christian and his friends, Mark and Josh, have been invited by their Swedish friend, Pelle, to attend a midsummer celebration at Pelle’s ancestral commune, the Hårga, in Hälsingland. Pelle explains that this iteration of the celebration only occurs every 90 years. Christian had not told Dani about the trip, and the two argue. In an attempt to patch things up, Christian reluctantly invites Dani to come along.

The group flies to Sweden and arrives at the commune, where they meet Simon and Connie, an English couple invited by Pelle’s communal brother Ingemar. He offers the group psilocybin mushrooms, and under the influence of the drug, Dani has hallucinations of Terri. Tensions rise after the group witnesses an ättestupa where two commune elders die by senicide by leaping from a clifftop. When the male elder survives the fall, the cult mimics his wails of agony and crushes his skull with a mallet. Cult elder Siv explains that this is a perfectly normal expression of Hårga’s views on death, stating that every member must do the same at the age of 72. The scene deeply disturbs the group, particularly Dani, but they decide to stay, both at the behest of Pelle and because midsummer traditions are the subject of Josh’s thesis. Simon and Connie, however, decide to leave. As Connie is gathering her things, an elder tells her that Simon has already left for the train station without her. Confused and frustrated, Connie decides to leave on her own. Later, a woman’s scream is heard in the distance.

Christian also decides to do his thesis on the Hårga, creating a rift between him and Josh. Josh attempts to solicit more information on the commune’s ancient runic practices, which are based on paintings made by a deformed member conceived through incest, whom they consider an oracle. After Mark unwittingly urinates on an ancestral tree and incites the fury of the cult, he is lured away by a female member to whom he had previously mentioned he was attracted. That night, Josh sneaks into a temple to photograph the cult’s sacred runic text, even though he had been told this was forbidden to him. He is distracted by a partially nude man wearing Mark’s skinned face and legs and is hit over the head with a mallet, after which his body is dragged out of the temple.

The next day, Dani is coerced into taking more psychedelic drugs and participates in a maypole dancing competition. She wins and is crowned May Queen, an esteemed title in the cult. At the same time, Christian takes more psychedelic drugs and is tempted into a sex rite designed to impregnate one of the cultists, Maja, while other naked female cultists watch and encourage him. After discovering Christian and Maja, Dani has a panic attack, and several of the Hårga women wail with her empathetically. After the rite, a nude and disoriented Christian discovers Josh’s buried leg and finds Simon, who has been ritually dismembered as a blood eagle. Christian is then paralyzed by an elder.

The cult gathers together with the paralyzed Christian and explains to Dani that, to purge the commune of its evil, nine human sacrifices must be offered. The first four victims are outsiders — Josh, Mark, Connie, and Simon — lured to them by Pelle and Ingemar. The next four victims are cult members — two sacrificed elders (different from the participants of the ättestupa) and two volunteers: Ingemar and Ulf. Dani, as May Queen, has to choose the ninth and final victim: either Christian or a villager, Torbjörn. She chooses to sacrifice Christian. Still paralyzed, he is stuffed into a disemboweled bear and placed in a temple alongside the other sacrifices. The temple is set on fire, and as it burns, Ulf begins to scream in agony. Outside, the cult wails with him. At first, Dani sobs in anguish and horror, but gradually begins to smile as the burning temple collapses.

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