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About Poms Full Movie

Poms is a 2019 American comedy film directed by Zara Hayes, starring Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Pam Grier, Celia Weston, Alisha Boe, Phyllis Somerville, Charlie Tahan, Bruce McGill, and Rhea Perlman. The film follows a group of women from a retirement community who decide to start a cheerleading squad. It was theatrically released in North America on May 10, 2019, by STX Entertainment.

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Martha, a woman who is slowly dying of cancer, decides to forego her treatment and to simplify her life in preparation for her death, Martha moves out of her apartment in New York and moves to a retirement community called Sun Springs in Georgia. When Martha checks in, she meets community supervisor Vicki, who gives Martha a tour of the community, where she explains that every resident must belong to one of the community’s clubs. When Martha moves into her new house, she meets her next door neighbor Sheryl. Later at night, Martha is unable to sleep due to loud noise coming from Sheryl’s house, prompting her to call the community’s security chief Carl to stop the noise. But, Sheryl and her party sneak into Martha’s house to evade Carl as she convinces a reluctant Martha that they can stay at her house. From that night on, Sheryl becomes interested in being Martha’s friend and invites her to various activities, but Martha ignores it. While staying at home, Martha watches a television program about fireworks being used for funerals and she makes plans to use fireworks for her own funeral. A few days later, she accepts Sheryl as a friend and after talking with each other to get to know each other, Sheryl learns that Martha was a former cheerleader and she had to quit before her first game to take care of her ill mother. Sheryl says that Martha should try to be a cheerleader again. After thinking about it, Martha goes to see Sheryl at a high school where she works as a substitute teacher and convinces Sheryl to help her start up a cheerleading club in Sun Springs.

After convincing Vicki to allow them to start the club and to complete the minimum requirement of eight members, Martha and Sheryl have tryouts and they recruit six other women: Olive, Alice, Ruby, Evelyn, Phyllis and Helen. Martha also hires Sheryl’s teenage grandson Ben to be their DJ. As Martha and the group begin practicing, it quickly becomes difficult for them due to being of old age. Later on, when Vicki tells them that they have to practice somewhere else, Sheryl finds a new place for them to practice, which ends up being a pep-rally at the high school. In the locker room, they get teased by a group of younger cheerleaders, including Chloe, another cheerleader and Sheryl’s student from earlier. During the pep-rally, Martha and the group start their performance and they do okay until Helen gets injured and hurts her ankle. When Helen is taken to the hospital, they discover from Ben that a video of them at the pep-rally has gone viral. Due to the accident, Vicki and other members of the community vote to disband the club.

With the group going back to their routine lives, Martha invites Sheryl to her house for a drink. When Sheryl watches the video of them, she hears a girl’s voice and recognizes it as Chloe, leading her and Martha to blame Chloe for posting the video. They go to Chloe’s house and start demeaning her, but Chloe, who has become sympathetic for them, starts crying because she didn’t know that her friends were going to post the video. Chloe apologizes and Martha and Sheryl forgive her and they tell her that they’re putting the cheerleading squad back together and they need Chloe’s help, who agrees to become their choreographer. Back at Sun Springs, Martha inspires her friends to become cheerleaders again to prove that they’re not a joke and they can do their best if they do it together. With Chloe coaching them, Martha and the group are now practicing more successfully as they prepare for an upcoming cheerleading competition. Meanwhile, Martha’s cancer, which she has kept secret from the group, continues to progress and after partying with the group, Martha collapses on her way home. In the hospital, she tells Sheryl that she’s not going to the competition and she’s scared about dying but Sheryl tells Martha that she has to be brave and ignore her cancer and continue doing what she wanted to do.

The next day, Martha, who has decided to go to the competition, meets up with the group as they rescue Helen from her controlling adult son Tom, escape from Vicki in the community and make their way to the competition. Men from the community, including Chief Carl, had come to the competition to watch the women perform. The group begins their performance and they do it with astonishing success as the audience cheers them on. The next scene shows a firework going off, which means that Martha has died and had her funeral.

A year later, the group has new members added to their cheerleading squad. They get ready to perform in another cheerleading competition as they do it for the memory of Martha. During the end credits, video clips are showing other people doing the same kind of dancing that Martha and the group have done.

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