Practical Electrical Wiring Free Download

Practical Electrical Wiring Free Download

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About Practical Electrical Wiring Book PDF

Excerpt from Practical Electric Wiring

Pliers are made in many different styles but those most used by a wireman are side cutter, long-nosed, and com bination gas pliers. The side cutter is used for cut ting and splicing wires and general use. The 7-inch is the most popular length for this class of work. The long-nosed is used chiefly for reaching nuts, screws, etc., in places out of reach of the ordinary plier. The com bination gas plier is used for turning lock nuts, bush ings, and small pipes.

The hammers used are nail and machinists’ ball and peen. Nail hammers with straight claws are sometimes preferred as they may be used in notching joists. The machinists’ ball and peen is used by the wireman for drilling holes in brick, concrete, etc.

Braces should be either a ratchet or a corner brace. The ratchet permits boring in close places where the handle can be rotated only part of a turn. The corner brace allows faster boring in a corner.

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