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These are some of the most popular Korean manga sites.

Naver is the most popular webtoon platform available in Korea. It is free, and is the most easily accessible since the majority of Koreans use Naver. Teenagers and guys and girls in their 20s or so are the main consumers, so a lot of the webtoons are focused on appealing to their young audience.

The next biggest place for webtoons(maybe not). They have a solid amount of viewers as well, and not-so-mainstream genres are available.

A newly emerged and stably settled site dedicated to webtoons. They broke the stereotype among viewers that you don’t have to pay anything to watch webtoons. They successfully implemented the Coin system which you pay to watch recent episodes. Coin earned is shared between Lezhin and the authors. While this sounds pretty good, it doesn’t mean the authors earn more than Naver or Daum.

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