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About The Cruel Prince Epub Free Book

At seven-years- old, Jude and Taryn Duarte witnessed the murder of their parents at the hands of Madoc, the biological father of their elder sister, Vivienne. Seeing it as his duty to take in the twin sisters, Madoc raised and trained them in the Courts of Faeries. But living between creatures who are higher, more beautiful and stronger than her is not at all easy. Jude and Taryn are abused by the Faeries and most of all the youngest prince of Elfhame- Prince Cardan Greenbriar.
That is until, she meets his older brother Dain Greenbriar and seemingly the best among his family. Jude agrees to be one of Dain’s spies in exchange for a geas Dain puts on her that protects her against all Elfhame’s glamour. The first mission from Dain comes in a form of a crow telling her to go to Hollow Hall and find treason. Theres more to the story about The cruel prince epub free.

When Jude succumbs to her mission, she finds out that Cardan lives with his eldest brother, Balekin, and is beaten for his inability to kill. Cardan hides any signs of the beating the next day during lessons. During this time, Jude forms a kind of bond with Locke only to find it wretched away from her since the Faerie ‘likes a good story’.

Finally the coronation of Dain is welcomed in Elfhame; however unpleasant it would be. When revealed that Dain is the king-to-be of the Faerie lands, Balekin massacres his family – all except Cardan who wasn’t on the stage. Jude finds him, takes him to headquarters of the Court of Shadows and bargains with him that he is to be under her service for a year and a day.

Jude devices a plan to raise Cardan to the throne by Oak – a plan the young prince does not know or agree on. go ahead and download The cruel prince epub free.

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