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The entire contents of the book is focused on extreme calorie cutting. Does it work? Yes, I’ve lost about 10-pounds in 4 weeks loosely following the plan. Definitely not worth the price of admission though. This could have been done in a single blog post. In fact, the book looks like someone grabbed the text from a series of blog posts and slapped it haphazardly into book form. There were linked websites mentioned where you should “click” on the title to see the site but no url was provided. I’m sure a google search would turn up something but I haven’t bothered. I read it, it works, but I wouldn’t recommend the purchase. Save your money, eat fewer calories per day, move more and exercise.
About the book the underground fat loss manual pdf
The Underground Fat Loss Manual – Controversial Fat Loss Method Deemed “Too Extreme” For The General PublicYet a growing number of men and women of all ages swear this is the only thing that’s ever worked for them

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