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Over the course of eight books, The Expanse has felt a bit like one of those videos that zooms out from Earth into the larger universe. Part of the appeal of Leviathan Wakes and Caliban’s War was that they were a space opera set in our local neighborhood, dealing with issues that are relevant to the world we now live in: war, racism, justice, all accompanied by power armored-marines, spaceship battles, and a menacing alien threat.

But as the series progressed, authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (collectively known as James S.A. Corey) have, well, expanded their scope to more cosmic issues. Abaddon’s Gate opened up the cosmos to humanity by way of an alien, ring-gate system; Cibola Burn introduced us to a brand-new planet; 2017’s Persepolis Rising kicked off the endgame for the series; and the latest and penultimate installment of the series, Tiamats Wrath Pdf Free Download, rockets us closer to what promises to be a tumultuous end for the crew of the Rocinante as they face challenges from old enemies and new threats.

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