Ugly’s Residential Wiring PDF

Ugly’s Residential Wiring PDF

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About Ugly’s Residential Wiring PDF Book

Before beginning a residential project, make sure you’ve got Ugly’s Residential Wiring, 2017 Edition in your toolbox. Updated to reflect the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC), this quick on-the-job reference provides commonly required electrical wiring information for residential work in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. You will save precious time and money with easy access to specific rules, symbols and code requirements for wiring dwellings that ensure your job stays on task and passes inspection the first time. The perfect tool for electricians, contractors, designers, instructors, students, and do-it-yourself home owners, Ugly’s Residential Wiring covers basic residential requirements, including: – Current – Ohm’s Law – Resistance – Parallel Circuits – Series Circuits – Services and Service Points – Voltage – Wiring Diagrams and Rules.

Table of content of Ugly’s Residential Wiring PDF


Free AirAllowable Ampacities of Conductors2
Ampacity Correction and Adjustment Factors3
Conductor and Equipment Termination Ratings4
VoltageDrop Examples6
Conductor Prefixes7
Max Number of Compact ConductorsElectrical Metallic Tubing EMT8
Max Number of Compact ConductorsRigid Metallic Conduit RMC9
Max Number of Compact ConductorsType EB PVC Conduit10
Applying the Optional Load Calculations100
Number of Branch Circuits Calculation102
Appliance Load Calculation103
Demand Factors for Ranges and Other Cooking Appliances Over 134 KW Rating104
Neutral Reduction Rules106
Residential Neutrals107
Field Terms Versus NEC Terms108
Plan Symbols109
Nominal Dimensions and Areas of Compact Copper Aluminum Building Wire11
Conduit and Tubing Dimensions and Percent Area12
Metal Box Fills15
Conductor Volume Requirements16
Box FillSummary of Contributing Items17
Box Fill Calculation18
Junction Box Sizing20
Clear Working Space in Front of Electrical Equipment Minimum Depth21
Burial DepthsMinimum Cover Requirements22
Residential Grounding Diagrams23
Grounding Electrode Selection30
Sizing of Grounding Electrode Conductor GEC for AC Systems31
Min SizeEquipment Grounding Conductors EGC32
Grounding Diagrams33
Raceway Installation Guidelines35
Rigid Metal Conduit Supports36
EMT Rules37
Flexible Metal Conduit FMC Rules42
Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit LFMC Rules43
Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetal Conduit LFNC Rules44
Type NM Romex45
NM Cable Rules46
Rules for NM Cables and Boxes48
Type AC BX49
Armored Cable Rules50
Type UF52
BranchCircuit Rules53
BranchCircuit Requirements54
VoltageDrop Calculation 2Wire Circuits55
Common Electrical Distribution Systems56
Water Heatekr Circuit Calculation58
HVAC Circuits59
Air Conditioner Wiring60
Air Conditioner Configurations61
Residential Lamp Types62
Lighting Outlets and Switches63
Track Lighting Rules66
Basement Lighting Guidelines67
Calculating Cost of Operating an Electrical Appliance68
SinglePole Three and FourWay Switching69
SinglePole FourWay Switching74
Receptacle Layouts75
Bathroom Wiring77
Required GFCI Locations80
Pool Area Receptacles81
Pool Lighting82
Pool Area ClearancesOverhead Conductors83
Recommended Heights for WallMounted Outlets84
Service Planning Guidelines85
Residential Service Conductors86
SingleFamily DwellingServices87
MultiFamily Services91
Types of Appliance Branch Circuits95
Applying the Standard Load Calculations96
Electrical Symbols113
Wiring Diagrams for NEMA Configurations115
NEMA Enclosure TypesNonhazardous Locations117
SinglePhase Motors120
SinglePhase Using Standard ThreePhase Starter122
FullLoad Current for SinglePhase Alternating Current Motors Amperes123
Running Overload Units124
Motor BranchCircuit Protective Devices Maximum Rating or Setting125
Motor Circuit Design126
SinglePhase Transformer Connections127
FullLoad Currents128
Transformer Calculations129
Sizing Transformers130
Buck and Boost Transformer Connections131
Typical Appliance Power Requirements132
Generator Sizing133
Telephone System Protector Installation Rules134
Demarcation Point135
Telephone Cable Color Code136
66 Block Wiring137
Telephone Wiring138
Data Cabling Color Code139
Typical RJ45 Cat 5 Jack140
Smoke Detector Placement Guidelines141
Typical Door Chime142
Thermostat Circuit143
Thread Dimensions and Tap Drill Sizes144
ScrewTightening Torque in FootPounds145
Drilling Speed RPM146
Sheet Metal Screws147
Strength of Nylon Rope148
Tension Load in Pounds149
Tension Load in Pounds150
Ohms Law151
Series Circuits153
Parallel Circuits154
Combination Circuits155
Electrical Formulas for Calculating Amperes Horsepower Kilowatts and KVA156
US Weights and Measures157
Metric System159
Metric Designator and Trade Sizes161
Decimal Equivalents162
TwoWay Conversion Table163
Centigrade and Fahrenheit Thermometer Scales166
Electrical Safety Definitions173
Electrical Safety Checklist175
LockoutTagout Procedures176
How to Read a Warning Label177
First Aid178
Special Rules for Two Family Dwellings185
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