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“Stormborn” is the second episode of the seventh season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 62nd overall. The episode was written by Bryan Cogman, and directed by Mark Mylod. The title of the episode refers to both Daenerys Targaryen, who was born during a terrible storm, and Euron Greyjoy, who declares himself to be “the storm”.

The episode’s main plot focuses on Daenerys planning her conquest of Westeros; at the behest of Melisandre, she orders Tyrion to summon Jon Snow, who agrees to meet with her despite the objections of Sansa and several other supporters. In King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister warns her bannermen about Daenerys’s impending invasion. Meanwhile, in the Narrow Sea, the Greyjoys and Sand Snakes are attacked by Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet, with Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand being taken as hostages.

“Stormborn” received praise from critics, who considered Euron Greyjoy’s raid on Yara’s Iron Fleet, the assembly of Daenerys’ allies at Dragonstone, and Arya’s reunion with her direwolf Nymeria as highlights of the episode. In the United States, it achieved a viewership of 9.27 million in its initial broadcast.

This episode marks the final appearance of Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand) and Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand).


On Dragonstone

Daenerys confronts Varys over his previously shifting allegiances. Varys declares he is loyal to the people, and Daenerys secures his oath to tell her directly if she fails the people, threatening to execute him if he betrays her.

Daenerys grants an audience to Melisandre, who urges her to meet Jon Snow. Tyrion vouches for Jon and recommends the Starks as allies. Daenerys instructs Tyrion to summon Jon to bend the knee. Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand support an overwhelming offensive on King’s Landing. Unwilling to destroy the territory she plans on ruling, Daenerys instead adopts Tyrion’s plan to have her Westerosi allies besiege King’s Landing, while the Unsullied will take Casterly Rock.

Before departing to lead his army, Grey Worm reveals to Missandei he never feared before loving her. Missandei is moved by his words and they make love.

In Oldtown

Archmaester Ebrose tells Sam that Jorah’s greyscale is now untreatable, Jorah has about six months of sanity left, and suicide is his only alternative to exile in Valyria. Sam discovers a treatment; Ebrose tells him it is forbidden because it risks transmission, but Sam performs the agonizing procedure in secret.

At Winterfell

Jon receives Daenerys’ message. Sansa and Davos advocate refusal, but Davos notes that dragonfire can stop the undead. After receiving Sam’s information about dragonglass on Dragonstone, Jon decides to go, despite uniform opposition from his loyalists. Jon names Sansa as regent, surprising her, and threatens Littlefinger to stop pursuing Sansa when he tries to ingratiate himself with Jon.

In the Riverlands

Arya encounters Hot Pie in an inn and learns that Jon has retaken Winterfell; she turns north. She’s beset by a wolfpack, the alpha being her direwolf Nymeria, who she drove off years earlier (“The Kingsroad“) Arya invites her north but Nymeria instead leaves her be.

In King’s Landing

Cersei appeals to lords, including House Tyrell’s former bannermen, for support against Daenerys, who Cersei portrays as a dangerous foreign invader. Jaime offers to make Randyll Tarly Warden of the South if he becomes Jaime’s second-in-command. Qyburn demonstrates a scorpion, a projectile weapon able to pierce dragon skulls.

In the Narrow Sea

Euron’s fleet attacks Yara’s navy. Euron kills Obara and Nymeria Sand; his men abduct Ellaria and Tyene Sand, while he takes Yara prisoner. Theon, triggered by the violence, jumps overboard, abandoning Yara.

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