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Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance 10th Edition

About The fundamentals of risk and insurance pdf  Book

This classic fundamentals of insurance book presents a thorough and comprehensive introduction to  the fundamentals of risk management  and fundamentals of insurance while emphasizing the consumer. The new Tenth Edition first examines the concept of risk, the nature of the insurance device, and the principles of risk management. It then discusses the traditional fields of life and health insurance as solutions to the risks connected with the loss of income. And it deals with the risks associated with the ownership of property and legal liability. To gain more in dept knowledge to the introduction to risk management and insurance book, you can consider taking an online course in Actuarial science.

Table of Contents

Section One. Risk Insurance, and Risk Management.

Chapter 1. The Problem of Risk.

Chapter 2.  Introduction to Risk Management.

Chapter 3. The Insurance Device.

Chapter 4. Risk Management Applications.

Chapter 5. The Private Insurance Industry.

Chapter 6. Regulation of the Insurance Industry.

Chapter 7. Functions of Insurers

Chapter 8. Financial Aspects of Insurer Operations.

Chapter 9. The Legal Framework.

Section Two. Life and Health Insurance.

Chapter 10. Managing Personal Risks.

Chapter 11. Social Insurance Programs.

Chapter 12. Introduction to Life Insurance.

Chapter 13. The Actuarial Basis of Life Insurance.

Chapter 14. The Life Insurance Contract—General Provisions.

Chapter 15. The Life Insurance Contract—Other Provisions.

Chapter 16. Special Life Insurance Forms.

Chapter 17. Buying Life Insurance.

Chapter 18. Annuities and Pension Benefits.

Chapter 19. Managing the Retirement Risk.

Chapter 20. Health Insurance: Disability Income Insurance.

Chapter 21. Health Insurance—Coverage for Medical Expenses.

Chapter 22. Health Insurance for the Elderly.

Chapter 23. Employee Benefits and Other Business Uses of Life and Health Insurance.

Section Three. Property and Liability Insurance

Chapter 24. The Homeowners Policy—General Provisions.

Chapter 25. The Homeowners Policy Forms.

Chapter 26. Other Personal Forms of Property Insurance.

Chapter 27. Negligence and Legal Liability.

Chapter 28. General Liability Insurance for the Individual.

Chapter 29. The Automobile and its Legal Environment.

Chapter 30. The Personal Auto Policy.

Chapter 31. Commercial Property Insurance.

Chapter 32. Commercial Liability Insurance.

Chapter 33. Surety Bond and Credit Insurance.

Chapter 34. Insurance in the Future.


Author Index.

Subject Index.

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