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Baaghi 2 is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under his banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and directed by Ahmed Khan. The film stars Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani. It is a sequel to the 2016 film Baaghi and a remake of the 2016 Telugu movie Kshanam. Baaghi 2 was released on 30 March 2018.

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Produced on a budget of ₹59 crore the film grossed ₹253 crore worldwide, and it was the seventh highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2018. The film received praise for its action scenes, martial arts and stunt work performed by Tiger Shroff, but received criticism for its story.

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The film opens with a woman named Neha Salgaonkar who has a sudden attack and becomes unconscious. On regaining consciousness, she begins to look for her missing daughter Rhea. Helpless, Neha calls Ranveer “Ronnie” Pratap Singh, her former college boyfriend, who is now an Indian Army Para SF soldier. The film then shows the time of their introduction to each other.

Four years ago, Ronnie and Neha met in college. Though initially Neha does not like him, they become friends and fall in love with her. After proposing to Neha, Ronnie promises to her that he will always help and be with her if she is ever in trouble. On their wedding day, Neha’s father, Mahendra, suffers a heart attack and then Neha goes to meet him at hospital. Mahendra, who doesn’t like Ronnie, asks Neha not to marry him as he fixed her marriage with his friend’s son Shekhar Salgaonkar.

Back in the present, at the hotel Ronnie is asked to meet Neha, he finds her frightened, broken and lost. On asking her about her family, Neha reveals that her 3-year-old daughter, Rhea, has been missing since she dropped her at school on Rhea’s first school day, where she was assaulted outside the gates and Rhea was taken by kidnappers.

When Ronnie asks Neha about Shekhar, she tells him that Shekhar has been depressed since the kidnap. Neha requests Ronnie to help her find Rhea. Ronny remembers his promise and accepts the task to find Rhea.

Ronnie goes to rent a car, where he meets and befriends a lump man named Usman Langda. Ronny and Neha visit the police station where FIR writer Inspector Sharad Kutey acts inappropriately towards Neha. Ronnie beats him up, an action that gets him arrested, but he is subsequently released after Kutey’s boss, DIG Ajay Shergill, requests for it.

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After his release, Ronnie questions Neha in her apartment but as suddenly Neha’s alcoholic and drug-abusing brother-in-law Sunny, arrives, she tells him to leave. When Sunny goes out, Ronnie asks Neha for his address. He begins to look for clues but everybody he asks claims that Shekhar and Neha had no daughter.

Unable to find Rhea through any CCTV footage, Ronny meets a police inspector who has photos of Rhea including certificates to prove that Neha is telling the truth. Ronnie then meets Shekhar who tells him that Neha had a miscarriage following an accident. She was diagnosed with PTSD, and began thinking that she and Shekhar had a daughter who doesn’t exist.

On hearing Shekhar’s tellings, Ronnie asks Neha but she denies it, claiming everyone is against her and insisting she has a daughter. When Ronnie claims she doesn’t have a daughter, she asks him to leave which is when he notices the marks of Rhea’s height growth on the wall. He starts to doubt his beliefs but is too late as Neha commits suicide, feeling clueless because no one believed her.

The police reach the spot immediately with ACP Loha Singh Dhull. Loha suspects Shekhar. The police find Ronnie using Neha’s contacts. After Usman confesses seeing Rhea with Sunny, Ronny leaves the hotel and finds Sunny, but Sunny is taken into custody by the police. While being interrogated, he attacks Ajay but is shot in the subsequent fight and dies.

For his next attempt, Ronnie goes to Usman’s office where Usman is attacked by the thugs that assaulted him. He beats up the thugs but Usman dies from his injuries. Ronnie takes the phone of one of the thugs, revealing texts about their targets, followed by a photo of himself which was taken in Ajay’s home. He realises that Ajay is the mastermind.

After killing an entire army of goons all alone in a secluded forest in Ajay’s place in Vietnam, Ronnie confronts Ajay in his dungeon, who reveals being paid by Shekhar for planning Rhea’s kidnapping, as Shekhar hated Rhea. Everyone involved with the family was either killed or bribed into playing along and Neha was being brain-washed so that she would appear insane, as the only person who knew about her daughter’s existence.

Having heard this, Ronnie defeats Ajay in a fight. Loha arrives and shoots Ajay to death. They successfully find and retrieve Rhea who turns out to be Ronny and Neha’s illegitimate daughter. After learning Rhea is his daughter, Ronnie remembers that time when Neha and he met up again to consummate their relationship as friends four years ago. He sees Neha’s spirit telling him that Rhea is the most beautiful thing about their relationship.

Loha tells Ronny that Shekhar confessed and revealed that he kidnapped Rhea since his doctor declared him sterile, revealing that Rhea wasn’t his child. The film ends with Ronnie beginning to live with Rhea and seeing a reflection of the dead Neha sitting behind them.

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