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How to watch Chinese drama online? What’s on a Chinese drama? Many foreigners are curious about the Chinese drama, but many of them don’t know how to watch a Chinese drama, or even what a best Chinese dramas with subtitles is.

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Chinese television dramas are similar to television dramas in North America, but are often longer. China is the country that produces more television dramas. It made more than 15,000 episodes in 2014. The most popular genre of dramas in China is fantasy romance, with 47 of the 50 most watched dramas in the country in 2016. Chinese television dramas are popular and regularly broadcast on TV throughout Asia, particularly in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Chinese drama is a form of popular media that people can easily watch without having to buy tickets or food. It is a very popular genre for TV dramas, movies and other forms of commercial entertainment in China. In fact, it started to become more common due to the popularity of Hong Kong dramas and kdramas in Mainland China.

Chinese drama is an important and influential part of Chinese culture. It has a long history that spans over 1000 years which is why there are so many different types of dramas. Here are three of the most popular genres in Chinese dramas today:

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Popular Chinese television dramas, such as Nirvana in FireThe Journey of FlowerEternal LoveThe Princess WeiyoungJust One Smile Is Very AlluringThe Legend of Zhen HuanScarlet HeartThe Mystic Nine and more often garner billions of views among China’s most popular video websites, iQiyi, Youku and Tencent Video. Some dramas have been so popular and widely acclaimed that they were remade in other languages, or were spun off into a sequel.

A large number of series end all episodes in cliffhangers. CCTV-8 is a channel that airs TV series around the clock. Series are divided into several rough categories: historical (subdivided into historical fiction, nationalist-rallying, historical re-enactment and wuxia), police and politics, comedy, and the more modern family conflict drama genre. Episodes usually begin with opening theme music over credits and end with further theme music and more credits.

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The series of episodes runs on together to depict a series of events that happen one after another in relevance to the main plot of the drama. Like a novel, the drama contains characters, conflict, plot, climax, and resolution that intrigue the audience’s interest. The large number of episodes allows the plot to be carried in much more detail than in a short movie. A particular aspect of life such as high school, college, or work life of a person, or a specific job is shown with much greater details that allows the audience to acknowledge that particular area in detail. This gives the audience a better understanding of the characters and their perspectives as well as the entirety of the storyline.

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