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Introduction to Marketing

About the introduction to marketing  course

The introduction to marketing course from Wharton Business School Provides a general knowledge of marketing emphasizing marketing mix elements and target markets for consumer and industrial products, marketing strategies, customer behavior, market planning and promotion.

Themes, Concepts, Issues
  • Marketing and the marketing management process
  • Marketing philosophies and goals
  • Strategic planning and the marketing process
  • Target markets and information gathering
  • Consumers and industrial customers
  • Customer behavior
  • Marketing segmentation to targeting
  • Marketing mix elements
  • Consumer and industrial products
  • Product decisions
  • Product life cycles and strategies for new products
  • Pricing factors and strategies
  • Distribution channels and physical distribution decisions
  • Marketing intermediaries and their activities
  • Promotional mix elements
  • Discuss current marketing issues
  • International marketing strategies
  • Marketing trends
  • Social responsibility and ethics in marketing
  • New marketing organizations
Competencies and Skills:
  • Demonstrate understanding of the strategic marketing environment
  • Develop marketing plans including marketing mix
  • Develop framework for the promotional mix as a part of the overall marketing mix
  • Successfully identify viable segmentation and targeting approaches for markets
  • Demonstrate understanding of research approaches and basic research tools as applied to marketing
  • Demonstrate understanding of the role of marketing intermediaries in introducing products to market

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