Entertainment technology degree

You will gain a deeper understanding of the IT processes in the entertainment technology degree and become familiar with all the tools and materials necessary by computer practitioners. This entertainment technology degree will allow you to use all the tools and materials used by computer users.

In this entertainment technology courses, you will learn how to design video games and other digital products for entertainment and education. You will learn how to create products for web sites, standalone devices, mobile devices and other uses.


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About The Entertainment Technology Degree

The study entertainment technology degree program gives practical, job related knowledge on developing digital products, services and games for different target audiences. It focuses mainly on developing digital content like online services, games and products related to training, events, entertainment, advertising and such.
You will learn computer programming and use advanced computer software and tools to create exciting games and online interfaces (2D and 3D), mobile services, online sites and custom made units for entertainment and information.

The overall goal of the study entertainment technology degree program is to give the students the knowledge and skills needed to develop digital services, presentations and games for use in mobile units, training, events, services and entertainment. This competence will consist of knowledge from different fields like programming, game design, user interface building, pedagogy, simulations, game development and maintenance and distribution of such digital systems.


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Programme Description

The study program offers subjects that provide the knowledge and skills to develop services, presentations and games:

  • game design and development
  • game programming and animations (in 2D and 3D)
  • mobile technologies and databases
  • project management, innovation and entrepreneurship

Game design and development:
During the first year you will learn about design principles for game development and how to develop games for web deployment. This founds the basis for further development of more advanced games created in subjects in the 2nd and 3rd year. Classes also focus on skills like storytelling and drawing.

Game programming and animations (in 2D and 3D):
Some subjects will give you deeper understanding of programming and animation in a 2D and 3D setting. Additionally you will learn skills and knowledge in developing, managing and documenting games with the proper functionality and interface to give users a good experience.

Mobile technologies and databases:
Developing modern video games also requires understanding of data storage and information management and how to utilize this when creating games and exchanging data across the internet. Knowledge and skills regarding databases, video game engines and cellular networks requirements and limitations also forms an important part of the program.

Project management, innovation and entrepreneurship:
The study program focuses throughout all terms on projects and teamwork. As a student you will be working with external companies and organizations learning how to communicate with them while also handling situations and problems individually and as a team. You will also be working with issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The school host different events like Game Jams and workshops for this purpose. Many students also choose to start student companies, and the school provides support and facilities for this.


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High School or production experience.
One year University Studies for Non EU Applicants
Application period
  • Non EU/EEA international applicants: From 1 November till 1 December.
  • EU/EEA applicants: From 1 February till 1 March.
  • Nordic citizens and applicants with a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway: From 1 February till 1 March.

Tuition Fee

Students registering at Norwegian Universities do not have to pay tuition fees

University Offering The Entertainment Technology Degree Course

This course is offered by one of the best universities in Norway, Login below to gain complete information about the university offering the course and how to enroll for the course

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