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Thermodynamics: Heat Transfer

About The Thermodynamics: Heat Transfer Course

Heat, work, kinetic theory of gases, equation of state, thermodynamics system, control volume, first and sec ond laws of thermodynamics, reversible and irreversible processes, and introduction to basic thermodynamic cycles opics covered:

  • 1.Thermodynamic systems
  • 2.Property, state, process, and equilibrium, system of units
  • 3.Energy and the first law of thermodynamics
  • 4.Energy of a system
  • 5.Energy transfer by work of heat
  • 6. Energy balance for systems and cycles
  • 7.Properties of pure, simple compressible substance
  • 8.Tables of thermodynamic properties
  • 9.Generalized compressibility chart and ideal gas model
  • 10.Conservation of mass and energy for a control volume
  • 11.Irreversible and reversible processes
  • 12.Ideal performance for power, refrigeration, & heat pump cycles
  • 13.Second law of thermodynamics and definition of entropy change
  • 14.Entropy of pure, simple compressible substance
  • 15. Control volume analyses for steady state and transient processes
  • 16.Isentropic efficiencies of turbines, nozzles, compressors, and pumps
  • 17. Introduction to vapor power cycles
  • 18.Introduction to air-standard power cycles
  • 19.Introduction to vapor compression refrigeration and heat pump cycles

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